In-house development and production

From the idea to the finished product.

ORGAPACK has many years of experience in strapping technology

Our in-house development and production encompasses tools, standard machines and installations for strapping

The whole development process from the initial idea through to the finished product is systematic and takes place in various phases

The basis for the evaluation phase is market research. Here, we work closely with our own branch offices, independent sales partners and end-users all over the world.

Our aim is to be able to offer needs-oriented solutions to all the user-segments we focus on.

We also place a high value on product support after the market launch and we constantly monitor the development of needs in the individual markets

Following our market research phase, we generate the specification which describes in precise detail which requirements the machine to be developed will have to satisfy and what benefits the machine should provide for the user

Our development phase uses modern 3D-CAD work stations. These generate realistic representations on-screen so that functionality, construction and design can be tested at a very early stage.

After the concept phase comes the prototyping phase, either by rapid-prototyping or by manufacturing a prototype in our own manufacturing facility at Merenschwand in Switzerland

The special feature of rapid-prototyping is that, by constructing a three-dimensional model, no jigs have to be constructed or mechanical parts manufactured. That is the reason why the rapid-prototyping procedure adopted by ORGAPACK is significantly faster and more cost-effective than the conventional construction of prototypes.

The prototypes are first tested internally and then by “80-customers”

A phased release from evaluation to the 0-series and market launch takes place at various stages in the development cycle

Many cubic and rotational parts and components are manufactured in our own production facility

The production facility has its own special production/prototype manufacturing department where young people are trained to become poly-mechanics

The task of the special production department is to provide support for the constructers with its know-how

The special production department creates prototypes and provides support for the project up to the 0-series

ORGAPACK supplies its customers with user-friendly operating instructions for all its products

At the centre of the operating instructions stand

    • user-functionality: support for the application planned by the user to ensure the user can extract the full benefit from the machine
    • safety functions: enabling users to protect themselves and their environments Für alle Produkte bietet ORGAPACK seinen Kunden benutzerfreundliche Betriebsanleitungen an