Sealless steel strapping

Sealless joints for flat packages


Battery powered tool OR-T S19

For versatile flat surface applications in industry and trade. A robuts and ergonomically balanced tool for accurate and reproducible strap tensioning, enabling mobile use at the packaging site. 

  • Weight only 5,4 kg 
  • Adjustable strap width: either 13mm, 16mm, or 19 mm 
  • For strap thickness: 0.38-0.63 mm (0.15” - 0.25”)
  • Tension force range: 1000-5500 N
  • Battery: Bosch Li-Ion ProCORE 18V, 4.0 Ah; Up to 500 cycles/ battery charge


Manual tools OR-H 47 and CH 48

  • Lightweight and ergonomical
  • sealing with little effort
  • mobile and suitable for various applications