Assembling tools

The basis for tool assembly is the Kanban system.

The consistent application of the Kanban system – with no stock of finished products - allows ORGAPACK to be flexible in its assembly procedures and produces very early delivery dates for customers.

We benefit in this area from our long-term relationships with our highly competent suppliers.

Assembling Standard machines

The Kanban system also forms the basis for the assembly of Standard machines.

Flexible assembly procedures allow customers to benefit from very early delivery dates, even for machines with options.

High performance machines are assembled with five highlights:

  • up to 70 strappings a minute
  • easy adjustment of strap tensions with the touch-panel
  • simple technology with few moving parts
  • constant tensioning for different products
  • easy strap changing

Assembling installations

ORGAPACK has many years of experience in the manufacture of strapping heads - the heart of any installation - and system solutions to be integrated into existing or new production and packaging lines:

  • In-house mechanical and electrical development
  • Modular construction of machines
  • Acceptance of machines in the assembly shop
  • Transportation and ready-to-start installation at the customer’s premises
  • Every installation has individual comprehensive instruction manuals